FC-E30L Lightening agent (liquid)/suspending agent

Short Description:

Scope of application Temperature: ≤90℃ (BHCT).Dosage: 10.0%-20.0% (BWOC).

Packaging FC-E30L is packaged in 200L or 1000L plastic drums, or packaged according to customer requirements.

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These beads allow formulators to reduce slurry densities and maintain good workability & higher compressive strengths, while favorably impacting total costs.

•  FC-E30L is a type of nanoscale material. The product is uniform and stable with high specific surface area so that it has a strong water adsorption capacity and can effectively bind the interstitial water in cement slurry to control and reduce free liquid.
•  FC-E30L can rapidly improve the cementing speed of cement slurry and has good reinforcement performance.
•  FC-E30L is applicable to the preparation of low density cement slurry system with high water cement ratio.

Product Parameters

Product Group Component Range
FC-E30L Liquid Extender Nano-silica <180degC

Physical and chemical properties




Slightly white translucent liquid

pH value


Effective components content (%)


Density (g/cm3)


Cement slurry performance



Consistency time at 25℃

5~8h. The curve is normal, without abnormal phenomenon such as bulge, consistency fluctuation, etc.

Compressive strength at 30℃


The liquid lightening low-density cement slurry formula: 100% cement+100% self-made artificial seawater (3.5%)+6% fluid loss control FC-631L+15% lightening agent (liquid) FC-E30L+ 0.5% defoamer FC-D15L


Lightening liquid (Suspending agent) is a kind of improved organoclay bentonite, which is usually used as a suspending additive in oilfield drilling. Therefore, our suspension agent is a bentonite oil system, which makes oil drilling in a suspended state, especially under high temperature and high pressure.


Q1 What is your main product?
We mainly produce oil well cementing and drilling additives, like fluid loss control, retarder, dispersant, anti-gas migration, deformer, spacer, flushing liquid and etc.

Q2 Can you supply samples?
Yes, we can supply free samples.

Q3 Can you customize product?
Yes, we can supply you products according to your requirements.

Q4 Which countries are your key customers from?
North America, Asia, Europe and other regions.

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