FC-FR180S Fluid loss control

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Scope of application Temperature: 30-180 ℃ (BHCT);Dosage: 1.0-1.5%

Packaging It shall be packaged in 25kg three-in-one composite bag or according to customer requirements.

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The fluid loss control sulphonate copolymer (drilling fluid) FC-FR180S is formed through multi-step polymerization under the action of initiator by acrylic amide, acrylic acid, 2-acryloyloxybutyl sulfonic acid (AOBS), epoxy chloropropane and new ring structure cationic monomer. This product is a broad-spectrum temperature resistant and salt resistant fluid loss control with excellent fluid loss reduction performance. It has good viscosity increasing effect in fresh water slurry, and slightly increases viscosity in salt water slurry and can be used as an agent for viscosity increasing and fluid loss control in solid free and low solid drilling fluids. This product has good temperature resistance and salt resistance, temperature resistance can reach 180℃, and salt resistance can reach saturation. It is especially suitable for seawater drilling fluid, deep well drilling fluid and ultra deep well drilling fluid.

Performance index




White or yellowish powder

Water, %


Sieve residue (0.90mm), %


pH value


API fluid loss of 4% brine slurry at room temperature, mL


API fluid loss of 4% brine slurry after hot rolling at 160℃, mL


1. High effect, low dosage, good function of fluid loss control.

2. It has good thermal stability and temperature resistance of 180℃, and can be used in deep and ultra deep wells;

3. It has strong salt resistance to saturation and calcium magnesium resistance, and can be used for drilling and completion fluids in fresh water, saline water, saturated saline water and seawater;

4. It has good viscosity increasing effect in fresh water slurry.

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