FC-CS11L Liquid clay stabilizer

Short Description:

Usage Add it into drilling fluid or completion fluid directly and mix evenly. The use temperature is below 150℃ (BHCT). The recommended dosage is 1-2% (BWOC).

Packaging Galvanized iron barrel, 200L/barrel; Plastic barrel, 1000L/barrel. Or according to customer requirements.

Storage Store in a ventilated, cool and dry environment and avoid exposure to the sun and rain; The shelf life is 24 months.

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Clay stabilizer FC-CS11L is an aqueous solution with organic ammonium salt as the main component. It is widely used in drilling and completion fluid, paper making, water treatment and other industries, and has the effect of inhibiting clay hydration expansion.

Product characteristics

• It can be adsorbed on the rock surface without changing the hydrophilic and lipophilic balance on the rock surface, and can be used for drilling fluid, completion fluid, production and injection increasing;
• Its inhibition of clay dispersion migration is better than DMAAC clay stabilizer.
• It has good compatibility with surfactant and other treatment agents, and can be used to prepare low turbidity completion fluid to reduce the damage to oil layers.

Physical and chemical index




Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid

Density, g/cm3


Anti swelling rate, % (centrifugation method)


Water insoluble, %


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