FC-SR301L Liquid corrosion inhibitor

Short Description:

Usage Add it into the completion fluid and stir it evenly. The applicable temperature is ≤ 150℃ (BHCT). The recommended dosage is 1-3%.

Packaging Packaged in plastic barrels, 25L/barrel or 200L/barrel. It can also be packaged according to user requirements.

Storage Store in a ventilated, cool and dry environment and avoid exposure to the sun and rain; The shelf life is 12 months.

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FC-SR301L corrosion inhibitor is a kind of organic cationic adsorption membrane corrosion inhibitor compounded according to the theory of synergistic action of corrosion inhibitors.

Product characteristics

• It has good compatibility with clay stabilizer and other treating agents, and can prepare low turbidity completion fluid to reduce damage to the stratum;
• Low freezing point is suitable for operation under low temperature (-20℃);
• Effectively reduce the corrosion of dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide on downhole tools;
• It has good corrosion inhibition effect in a wide pH range (3-12)

Physical, chemical and performance indexes




Yellowish liquid

pH value


Corrosion rate, mm/year


Turbidity, NTU


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