FC-FR150S Fluid loss control (drilling fluid)

Short Description:

Usage:Add it into the base oil, stir and emulsify; The recommended dosage is 1.2~4.5%, and the specific dosage is determined by test.

Packaging:Three-in-one composite bag, 25kg/bag.Storage conditions: ventilated, away from high temperature and open flame.Shelf life: three years; When it is used after three years, it is recommended to conduct system formula test for verification.It shall be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry environment to prevent sunshine and rain; During transportation and handling, handle with care to prevent damage and debris pollution. The shelf life is 3 years.

Product Detail

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• FC-FR150S, modified by solid high-molecular polymer, non-toxic and environmentally friendly;
• FC-FR150S, applicable to the preparation of oil-based drilling fluid below 180℃;
• FC-FR150S, effective in oil-based drilling fluid prepared from diesel oil, white oil and synthetic base oil (gas-to-liquid).

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance and odor

No peculiar odor, gray white to yellowish powdery solid.

Bulk density (20℃)



Slightly soluble in petroleum hydrocarbon solvents at high temperature.

Environmental effect

Non-toxic and degrade slowly in natural environment.

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