FC-W30L OB-WB Dual Effects Flushing Liquid

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Usage:Add it into water and stir evenly.Recommended dosage (BWOW): 3.0~50.0%, and the specific dosage is determined by test.Applicable temperature (BHCT): 40-230℃

Packaging: Packaging requirements: plastic barrel, 200kg/barrel or according to customer requirements.Storage conditions: ventilated, away from high temperature and open flame.Shelf life: three years; When it is used after three years, it is recommended to conduct system formula test for verification.It shall be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry environment to prevent exposure to the sun and rain; During transportation and handling, handle with care to prevent damage and debris pollution. The shelf life is 3 years.

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Washing agent can effectively disperse and wash away the mud cake on the well wall, significantly increase the displacement efficiency and enhance cementation power between set cement and the wall.

• FC-W30L, composed of mutual solvent and surface active agent.
• FC-W30L, applicable to the flushing of oil-based/water-based drilling fluid;
• FC-W30L, effectively flush oil-based/water-based drilling fluid and filter cake, good interface water wetting ability, and helpful to improve interface bonding strength.

About This Item

Flushing Liquid helps to displace system contaminates including water, loose solids and debris and creates a clean environment to maximize the performance and service life of the new fluid. FC-W20L is an oil-based/water-based flushing liquid used worldwide.

Physical and chemical properties


Yellow liquid

Density, g/cm3



Several high-efficiency surfactants and other chemicals are used in the formulation of our FC-W10L, FC-W20L, and FC-W30L. It can considerably improve displacement efficiency and cementation power between set cement and the wall by efficiently dispersing, eroding, and washing away the mud cake on the well wall. Oil-based mud and mud cake on the well wall play a significant role in the dissolving and cleaning of oil-based flushing liquid, which is made up of environmental protection solvent oil and a variety of surfactants.

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